Fuego! (PC) Cofounder, Design, Programming

Fuego! on Steam

An online multiplayer, puzzle-strategy Mexican standoff game. I designed/prototyped the core gameplay systems and programmed gameplay in our custom C++ engine. Fuego! is my first independent game and it has been showcased at events like PAX East, Indiecade, Casual Connect, Boston FIG, and Playcrafting NYC.

With Fuego’s design I experimented with ideas like: minimalist design systems, bringing competitive strategy to casual audiences, sequence resolution puzzles, and volatile swings in advantage.





Ben 10: Omniverse 2 (3DS) Lead Designer

Check out my Personal Post Mortem for this game!

The sequel in which many of the problems in Omniverse 1 were addressed and 4 alien forms were added. I designed new enemy AI, upgrades, companion AI, and bosses. I also designed/implemented levels and attacks for the new characters.




CYCLES (Flash, Government Research) Lead Designer


A training game to teach government intelligence analysts to recognize and mitigate cognitive bias. The content experts gave us learning goals and patterns from which I designed the game. This game went through many playtest driven iterations to ensure that anyone who can check their e-mail can get the full experience.




Ben 10: Omniverse (3DS/DS) Lead Designer

Check out my Personal Post Mortem for this game!

Play as Ben Tennyson and 13 alien forms in this combat-focused platformer. I designed the combat system, interactive objects, AI, bosses, unlockable upgrades, and 150 unique attacks. I also determined the game’s pacing from which teammates designed levels.




Music Monsters (DS, Government Research) System Designer


An educational game that addresses misconceptions about energy and electricity. I designed the musician circuit minigame, the platformer mechanics, and the progression.




Robo Riot (DS, Government Research) System Designer


An educational game that addresses misconceptions about genetics. I designed mechanics for the battles and the simplified robo-DNA reproduction .





Rio (DS/DSi) Designer

An auto-scrolling rhythm platformer where the player controls Blu with taps and touchscreen gestures. I helped identify and address problems in player feedback, levels, and mechanics.





Yogi Bear (DS) Designer

A collection-oriented platformer where Yogi builds contraptions that introduce new mobility-based mechanics. I revised the level designs, and contributed to the bear puns in the level names.





The Ruby Realm (DS, Government Research)  Lead Designer


An educational, puzzle-labyrinth game that focused on photosynthesis and other similar chemical processes. I prototyped many versions of the game and designed the final puzzle mechanics and minigames.




Kung Zhu (DS) Lead Designer

An action-platformer aimed at boys aged 4-8 based on the popular Zhu Zhu Pets franchise. I designed the two-button combat system, AI, levels, obstacles, and boss fights.





Club Penguin: Herbert’s Revenge (DS) Minigame Designer

A point and click adventure game based on the wildly popular franchise. I designed the Jackhammer, Aqua Rescue, and Amazing Maze minigames.




World of Zoo (DS) Minigame Designer

A zoo-themed pet simulator. I designed and prototyped a slew of minigames from which the best ones were implemented in the game.





Shrek: The Third (DS/GBA) Designer

A Lost Vikings style puzzle platformer. I helped design controls and levels.




Over the Hedge (DS) Designer

My first professional project! A stealth food-stealing game based on the movie. I designed and implemented SFX and playtested the game a lot.